यहां मिला दुर्लभ मणिधारी नाग, सवा लाख लोगों की मौत के बाद होता है इसका जन्म

यहां मिला दुर्लभ मणिधारी नाग, सवा लाख लोगों की मौत के बाद होता है इसका जन्म...

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A rare serpent was seen on Madan Mahal hill on Thursday. This is of the Nag Padma species. It is believed that after a certain age the gem manifests itself. A young man caught this snake and then left it on a safe place only on the hill. Serpent expert Gajendra Dubey said that Padma Nag is rare. In the scriptures it is mentioned that after the death of millions of humans, such a serpent or a serpent is born. It is notable that sometime ago, rare Padma Nagin was also found in Kudvari village of Amkhera in Jabalpur, which was released after being caught in the jungle. It is believed that the Nagas of Padma are extremely poisonous. It is difficult to avoid a bitten person.

According to the rare snake received information near the temple, a rare snake was sitting in the afternoon of Mahakali temple on Madan Mahal hill. Some youths surrounded him. Serpent expert Gajendra Dubey arrived at the information. They seized the snake and left it in a safe place. Dubey said that Padma Nag is extremely poisonous. The youth was surrounded by him so that no one would kill him. Dubey told that Nag is still young. This species has rare gem in the serpent, which is the size of rice grain. Such nag has been seen even before Narmada, but this species is rare. It is believed that it keeps distance from humans and its residential areas.

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