HOW MANY Accounts Can one Person Run in Clash of Clans?

HOW MANY Accounts Can one Person Run in Clash of Clans? Check out all of the Clash of Clans accounts that I run- maybe join a clan one is in that I show in the video... Clash of Clans Attacks from every Town Hall level, or maybe a Galadon only Clash of Clans CWL, by myself! I have Clash of Clans Town Hall 9, Town Hall 11, Town Hall 12, Town Hall 6, Town Hall 5, and Town Hall 4 accounts!

Don't forget to check out the Clash of Clans 'strange but true' series - some of the oddest, rarest things in Clash of Clans- and more than a few that are GONE - players banned from CoC forever for Clash of Clans hacks and Clash of Clans cheats! More videos coming soon- be sure to submit your strange but true bases, players and clans for a shout out in a future video!

The Chief Pat Collaborations:
'Father Son' Challenge:
Right Lane Rush:

Clash Royale YouTuber Tournament with NickatNyte, Molt, Chief Pat, Godson, Alvaro (The Alvaro845), Clash With Ash, ClashonGan and of course Galadon:
Live 50K gem Tourney:
8,000 players:
First Big 'Royal' Tournament:

Clash Royale Updates:
Arena 1 and 2 Strategy:
Tips for Arenas 3 and 4:
Let's Play, With Galamom:

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