Chillar Jokes | Stand Up Comedy by Aakash Mehta

Last year around this date only we wid the first Aakash Mehta and Friends Recording show. The idea was to use my ability to sell tickets in order to help comics like me record vidis. Over the past year, we have helped put out 40+ videos with artists across the country.
We are doing the shows for an entire weekend, that's this weekend - 6th - 8th December with 9 shows in Habitat and antiSocial. Please come and help us make more videos for everybody!

Aakash Mehta and Friends Recording Weekend - 6th, 7th, 8th December - 9 Shows / 25+ Artists -

New Special - 'DARK' Tour Dates -
Tickets -

Other Events in December -

For Enquiries:
[email protected]

Venue Courtesy: The Habitat, Mumbai.

Shot by Anuj Mehta and The Habitat Videography Team:
Dishang Popat, Vivian Castelino, Harsh Shah
Directed and Edited by Anuj Mehta (@pavlikam)
Additional Editing by Vivek Mehta.
Sound Recording by The Habitat Audio Team: Swarada Bodas, Seigen Moopanar
Sound Mixing & Mastering by Varun Patil (IG - @varoonmarooned)

Written and Performed by Aakash Mehta.

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