A Theory of Flight | Better Worlds

It only takes one rocket to start an interplanetary revolution.

This animated adaptation of Justina Ireland’s story “A Theory of Flight” imagines a future in which one woman recognizes the barriers in getting to space, and takes the issue into her own hand with an open-sourced rocket and kickstarts a revolution to open up the skies to everyone.

Read Justina Ireland’s original story here: http://bit.ly/2RsSYY3

“A Theory of Flight” is part of Better Worlds, The Verge’s science fiction project about a hopeful future: http://bit.ly/2RjbsdN

Based on the story by Justina Ireland

Directed by: All In Pixel
Creative Direction: The Verge

Creative Director: William Joel
Illustration: All In Pixel, David Feliu, Luke Etcheverry, Evgeniy Yudin, Toni Sala.
Animation: All In Pixel, David Feliu, Sebastian Garcia, Juan Nadalino, Luke Etcheverry, Evgeniy Yudin.
Screenplay: Laura Hudson
Narration: Andia Winslow
Music and Sound Design: Ambrose Yu, Sonos Sanctus

Executive Producers: Eleanor Donovan, Nilay Patel
Supervising Producer: Sophie Erickson
Production Manager: Meg Toth
Editorial Director: Helen Havlak
General Manager: Steven Belser
Network Manager: Sarah Bishop Woods
Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori, Dilpreet Kainth, Esther Cohen, Kaitlin Hatton

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