Check out cool beauty ideas that really work! We share surprising recipes that will help you to solve different problems like dry skin, dandruff, bad breath, and other issues!
Use beer to soften your feet and remove dead skin. Alcohol will kill all the bacteria and microbes, yeast will soften skin and you will be ready for the pedicure. Take a bottle of beer, pour into basin and add warm water. Soak your feet for about 30 minutes. Ready!
If your hair is too dry it may lead to split ends. Find whipped cream in your fridge and make a hair mask out of it! Don’t forget to share this perfect lifehack with your friends.
Lack of sleep may lead to bloated face in the morning and we share a cool recipe to solve this problem. You will need only 2 ingredients to make a mask: pomegranate tea and gelatin. Pour water into a bowl and place a tea bag with pomegranate tea. Stir and add gelatin. Refrigerate the mask and apply after.
You will find more awesome beauty recipes in this video – a mask for your feet. You will need aspirin, citric acid, and water. Put this mixture in the plastic bag and insert feet. After that wear cocks and wait for 15 minutes. Old sin will exfoliate for 5-7 days.
Do you use turmeric for cooking? Also, you can use it as a beauty product. Turmeric is a magic beauty product. It has been used for centuries to take care of skin. If you want to look fresh but your skin is pale try to make the following mask. Mix yogurt, turmeric, rice flour, and honey in a bowl. Apply for 20 minutes and enjoy the quick result. Moreover, turmeric could be used to whiten your teeth. This inexpensive recipe is really easy: add some turmeric to the toothpaste you use and clean your teeth.

00:09 Unexpected beer hack
02:54 Charcoal mouthwash
06:13 Perfect mask for blackheads
08:39 Hair loss mask
13:44 Use mouthwash to combat dandruff
14:14 Use turmeric to whiten your teeth

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