Wife is Always Right | Harshdeep Ahuja

Wife is Always Right | Harshdeep Ahuja

This is not the first time I'm losing the battle with my wife and I am pretty sure it is not the last one. How wives are always right and husbands are always washing the dishes.
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Creative Director: Harshdeep Ahuja
Concept: Rohan Kapoor
Written by: Harshdeep Ahuja, Charine Sethi, Ojas Mehndiratta
Directed by: Harshdeep Ahuja, Nitin Goyal
Producer- Harshdeep Ahuja
Director of Photography: Nitin Goyal Cam (https://bit.ly/37iyPZi)
Edited by: Harshdeep Ahuja

Harshdeep Ahuja
Charine Sethi (https://bit.ly/32YlB0l)

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