स्पेशल मिठाई मलाई चॉप, दीपावली के लिये खास रेसिपी । Bengali Sweet Malai Chop Recipe

Malai sandwich sweet, malai chop bengali sweet, malai sandwich sweet, मलाई सैन्डविच‌

Cow Milk- 1.5 Ltr
Lemon- 2
Sugar- 1.5 cups (350 gms)
Mawa- 1 cup (200 gms)
Saffron- 30 to 40 thread
Boora- 3 tbsp
Refined Flour- 1 tbsp
Pistachios- 10 to 15 (grated)

How to make chena malai sandwich
For chena
1- Stir and boil 1-litre milk on the medium flame.
2- Switch off the flame once milk boils and leave it slightly cool down for 4 minutes.
3- Separate 2 tbsp of milk in a mini bowl along with saffron strands.
4- Extract 2 tbsp of the juice of lemons and add 2 tbsp of water in it.
5- Add lime juice in milk in intervals and mix it so that the milk curdles.
6- Place a strainer on the bowl and spread a cotton cloth over it.
7- Pour the curdled milk on it and lift the cloth to separate whey milk from the chena.
8- Wash the chena to remove the flavour of lemon and again press it to strain extra water.
9- Mash the chena using your palms and add 1 tbsp of refined flour.
10- Mix and mash for 4-5 minutes to make it smoother.
11- Divide chena lump, roll it between your palms and press it from all the corners.

For sugar syrup
1- Take 1.5 cups of sugar and add 4.5 cups of water in it.
2- Cook until sugar dissolves.

For chena sandwich
1- Add the chena pieces in the sugar syrup once it boils.
2- Add them in intervals to avoid the disappearance of boiling sugar syrup.
3- Cover and cook for 5 minutes on the high flame.
4- After, 5 minutes check the chena pieces and you’ll realise that they have expanded.
5- Again, cover them and cook for more 5 minutes.
6- Flip and cook them for more 5 minutes.
7- Switch off the flame after 5 minutes and keep them aside to cool down for an hour.
8- Remove the chena pieces and put them over the strainer so that extra sugar syrup moves out of it.

For stuffing
1- Take 1 cup of mawa and add saffron milk in it.
2- Blend both ingredients to make them smoother.
3- Add 3 tbsp of boora and mix them properly.
4- Partially cut the chena pieces into two equal halves.
5- Open them and add mawa stuffing inside them.
6- Press them slightly to make the stuffing even and remove extra stuffing using a knife.
7- Stuff all the chena malai sandwich in the same way.
8- Garnish them with sliced pistachios.

1- You can cut them in desired shapes and serve.

1- In case the sugar syrup starts moving out of the bowl while boiling then, slightly remoce the cover for steam to release.

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