Full stand-up special - Orthodoxically, Me by Praveen Kumar


Watch the complete stand-up special from 2016, 'Orthodoxically, Me' by Praveen Kumar. Like, share and laugh out loud :)

The most Orthodox, clean stand-up show you can ever watch ... everrrrrr!

Orthodoxically Me.. is a new stand up comedy special by Praveen Kumar where the entire show revolves around the fact that he was brought up in a small town in an orthodox fashion and the struggles he faced to understand the culture in a big city like Bangalore after he moved there for studies. He talks about various things that he doesn't understand or doesn't relate to.. like Pub culture, Smileys, Relationships, Snapchat, Social Media, Hollywood movies etc and many more.. In this show he also talks about the difficulties he is facing to raise his daughter in this present western culture in Bangalore when his parents had an easy time in raising him in Kancheepuram.