इस दरगाह में हजारों जहरीले बिच्छू होने के बाद नहीं काटते

इस दरगाह में हजारों जहरीले बिच्छू होने के बाद नहीं काटते...

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When we hear the name of the snake and scorpion, then we die in front of us. Have you ever imagined to keep scorpions in your hands? No, because it is certain to die in a few hours after the scorpion is bitten.
But we are going to tell you about a place where thousands of poisonous scorpions do not even bite you. If you want you can take these scorpions home too, but they have to leave them back in a fixed time, otherwise the result is dangerous.
There is a dargah in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, with lots of scorpions coming out on the roofs, walls and roots of nearby garden trees, on the removal of soil. About 800 years ago, Syed Sarbuddin Sahayawalat, from Iran, had come and camped in Amroha.

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Baba Shah Nasruddin, who was already here, expressed his displeasure, and sent a bottle of water to him and sent it to him. The scorpion's father put a flower over the bowl and returned it, and said, we will live in this city like flowers on the water in the bowl.
On this Baba Shahnasuruddin gave a damn to the scorpion Lord Baba, the snake-scorpion will reside in this dargah, and the lost asses and horses of the city will be found here. In reply to this, the scorpion's father ordered that snake scorpions would not cut anyone in this dargah from today, and within its borders no donkey, horse piss or lid etc. would do it. After this, Syed Sarbuddin Sahayvayyat became known as a scorpion named Baba.
It is also said that snakes do not cut anyone around the dynasty, but when they leave the dargah, they dump the man. It is also recognized here that if a person takes them out of the dargah, taking permission from Baba for these scorpions, weeks or ten days, they do not cut it, but they cut it immediately after the prescribed period is complete.