देखिए किसी हाल में हैं कादर खान, देखकर हिल जाएंगे

देखिए किसी हाल में हैं कादर खान, देखकर हिल जाएंगे...

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Shooting of Sequel of the movie 'Twins' has started. The movie 'Twins' was released in 1997.

In the film, Kadir Khan played the role of Karishma Kapoor's father. Kader Khan has long been away from the big screen. Learn- Where is Kadar Khan nowadays

Kadar Khan made his Bollywood debut with the film 'Dag'. This movie was released in 1973. He worked in more than 300 films in Bollywood.

Kader Khan played every kind of role in Bollywood. He also scare comedy roll Nibakr she audience villain then laugh your fans. The viewers are still fans of their acting. Kadar has been seen in many films with Govinda.

For the past few years, Kader Khan is constantly running ill. Due to diabetes and knee pain, most of his time passes on a wheelchair. His knees were operated, but due to the wrong operation, the problem increased. After which he was taken to Canada for treatment

These days he is in Canada with his son. Where their good care is being done. Some time ago a video of Kader Khan came out which was during Ramadan. In the video they were seen coming down from the bus and some people were supporting them by bus. As he descended from the bus, Kadar Khan sat on the wheel chair.

In 2015, Kader Khan's film, 'Hoya Diwagh Ka Dahi' was released. At that time, Kader Khan had said that upon his illness, producers and directors refused to accept him in the film. During the trailer launch of the movie, Kader Khan had said that he had trouble talking and walking.

Not only this, in an interview, he said, resisting Bollywood, that if people remember me, why do not they come to meet me?

Many times, there was also a rumor that Kader Khan died, but later this news turned out to be false.

Please tell that Kader Khan was born in Kabul. If news is to be believed, Kadar Khan has taken Citizenship of Canada

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