डेढ़ करोड़ में महिला ने खरीदा नया बंगला, अंदर भरे पड़े थे सांप ही सांप

डेढ़ करोड़ में महिला ने खरीदा नया बंगला, अंदर भरे पड़े थे सांप ही सांप

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Hens Whitley, a US resident, bought a new bungalow in Minnesota in October last year. He used to spend about one and a half million rupees for this bungalow. But before it shifted, a snake came out of his bedroom on the same day.

Single Mother Whitley bought this bungalow by saving her whole life's savings.
Within 45 minutes of being shifted to this bungalow-3 Bhk, he saw a snake in his room.
After that, snakes started coming out of the house after the day. Then Whitley called the Animal Control Expert, who held about 95 snakes from inside the house.
-Animal Experts also hold hundreds of snakes from outside the house.
Where did so many snakes come from?
In fact, there is a swamp near Whitley's bungalow. Because of water and heat this place is best for snakes.
That is why there are so many snakes around the house of snake whitle.
-He has spent about Rs 8 lakh 33 thousand rupees so far to get the snake from his house.
-Vitteli told that if they had taken home from home, they knew about these snakes beforehand, then they would face the fur against them.

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